A year ago, the structural wall of the Neptune Baths was collapsing!

A year ago, a structural wall of the Neptune Bath collapsed. Due to the collapse, an entire building sector suffered major degradation, considering that at that time there were already two areas identified as critical.

In a year’s time that image has changed, and this was possible only with your help, of all those who believed in our project and who contributed with encouragement, donations and ideas. Thank you very much!

In order to complete this stage, to secure and eliminate the public danger label that Neptune Bath has, we must implement the works proposed in the technical project. What we have proposed are reversible interventions, although the building needs permanent interventions, developed within an extensive restoration project. At the moment, these interventions are all we can do from a legal and technical point of view.

The Neptune Baths still need our and everyone’s help to get to a point 0 in terms of stopping degradation.
We still have to intervene in many areas at the level of the roof, to change the gutters and downspouts, to support two roof framings and to strip the plaster , where it is soaked with water. At the same time, the protection of pedestrians [is needed] through a safety net, whose costs are very high given the length of 200m of the building.

Get a “Bath Ticket” and help save the Neptune Baths. Together we can change the image of the Baths!

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