Come to the Baths too! Help save the Neptune Baths.

You can also contribute to saving the Neptune Baths by purchasing a Bath Ticket worth 5 euros | 25 lei.

LOCUS Association Account, CUI 38615380

What did we do in the first phase of securing the Neptune Baths?

We intervened in 12 areas at the roof level, we sanitised the building – 220 m3 of debris and garbage were removed from the inside of the building (+70 trucks), we protected the majolica fountain, we blocked the public access to the building, we supported two roof framings and four floors, we cleaned the external terraces and the roof of vegetation, moss and rubble, all the constructive and ornamental elements on the verge of collapse, representing a public danger were stored inside the building, and all the already collapsed elements were palletised and stored inside. All these works are reversible and temporary, and aim to stop the degradation produced by infiltrations of meteoric water, by collapses of unstable elements and unfortunately, and those made by human hands – theft, breaking of ornamental elements.

All this was possible only with your help and contribution! Thanks to the over 2,500 donors! You are the heart of the project!

Thank you very much:

– Sponsors: Ovidiu Șandor, DEDEMAN, Rothoblaas and Color Metal SRL, for their trust, advice and involvement in saving the cultural heritage!
– To our mobility partner: Casa Auto Timișoara, for the care they show and for taking us safely on the long roads we travel to achieve our goal.

Thanks a lot:

– To the mayor Miclau Cristian for the understanding and openness
– Herculane Baths Local Council and Herculane Baths City Hall for their trust and collaboration
– Rustic Construct for their involvement in the project
– ISHO for hosting
– National Heritage Institute for site management
– Caraş-Severin County Directorate for Culture and OAR / Timiş Branch for support.