About the project

Even though we are a group of young architecture students, we are not actually a young group. It is 5 years since we have been working together on developing almost all of our college projects in the same team format in which we are working also now, therefore we managed to construct a cohesive working process.

This time, we initiated by far the most ambitious project yet, which we hope to result in the turistic reactivation of the historical Băile Herculane resort. Of course, this turistic element we hope it will bring along with itself a variety of factors which will winfluence positively, bringing a economic growth. Therefore an improvement of the quality of life (for the people as well as for the buildings) represents the final goal, giving back the long lost charm of the beautiful resort.

001_Băile Neptun

Our first project

Our first project part of the initiative to rehabilitate Băile Herculane resort it is saving the class A historical monumnet, Băile Neptun. Localized in the northern part of the city, the ex- imperial baths of the austian-hungarian empire are presenting themselves in a advanced and continuous degradation state. It is visible from with every month that passes how more and more elements, eiths structural or decorative, lose some of their integrity. Out team being formed by architecture students, we are not just able to apreciate the value of the monument, but we also have the capacity of knowing and having access to the necessary information needed to save the building.

Even though we only started in the summer of 2017, we have already initiated and went through a part of the necessary process for making the building safe (for the passers by, but also so that it would not continue to develop new degradation) as soon as possible, but also to start the intervention.

For managing to go through with the process in the best conditions possible, we want to start by estalishing a connection with the city’s comunity, with all the age groups. We wish to benefit of all the knowlege and wisdom from the elderly, information that we will not be able to find anywhere else, but also the active involvment of the young generation would be ideal. For this to happen, between the 5th and the 7th of october 2017 we will organize events and interavtive activities in which we hope to gain the attention of the comunity, so that in the end, we will haave the information that we need to go on with the process, and in change, the comunity will be pleased with our initiative.


Harta Baile Herculane


Chirilă Oana-Ștefania

Made in: 1993, Timișoara Made of: FAUtm

Blidariu Patricia-Andrada

Made in: 1993, Timișoara Made of: FAUtm

Boianț Adrian-Cristian

Made in: 1993, Timișoara Made of: FAUtm

Antoci Daniel

Made in: 1993, Timișoara Made of: FAUtm



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